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These images show the G6 in action on a Sizer (used widely in Coal & Iron Ore mines) and what happens when a low strength washer is used.

The required torque had to be increased by 83% to get the correct tension. The indentation is above 1mm deep.

If you are in the mining or any similar industry relying on large equipment for your business, you need to keep the machinery bolts in check.

Why do heat exchanger gaskets leaks so frequently? View our video to find out, or read on!

Standard bolts maintained using Ultrasonic Technology (UT) from Boltstress has proven a reliable and economical choice when compared to SmartBolt and Aligner Bolt. Read on to find out why.

Sophisticated preventative measures to fix problems with bolt tension and integrity
Many Mills experience liner and liner bolt failures, these are costly and can effect the viability of some operations. Boltstress Ultrasonics has eliminated these at several mine sites.
The failure rates heat exchanger (HX) and pressure vessel (PV) flanges is the worst/highest of all joints in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. Our aim is to eliminate these and provide faster bolt tightening tooling & methods.

Most mill operators are familiar with (and regularly go through) a process known as re-torque.

Re-torque is an expensive exercise resulting in lost production, but is believed to be necessary in order to avoid bolt failures that cause unplanned shutdowns.

After more than 25 years in the industry TCS and Boltstress Ultrasonics created a new force in bolting technology in January 2014.

The combined expertise, technology and service provide an un-paralleled offering to many industries but in particular to the wind energy sector.

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