Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Measurement Is An Essential Non-destructive Technique In Mining

The mining industry is a critical work environment.

Hazards are lurking behind, which can lead to serious consequences if not prevented.

Read on to learn why your mining industry can greatly benefit from ultrasonic testing today.

How is Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Measurement Used in the Mining Industry

With this in mind, it is critical to keep all machinery, plant systems, and key components tested and maintained regularly to keep these safety risks at bay.

Most importantly, well-performing pieces of equipment and mining systems have a positive impact on the company's productivity and bottom line.

This is why more than ever, ultrasonic bolt tension measurement is essential in the mining industry. It is key to business productivity and profitability.

Mining equipment and machinery are always under constant stress. With regular usage and pressure placed on these systems, there is always a likelihood of a breakdown.

What ultrasonic bolt tension testing does is to ensure the safety and reliability of these plant systems. As it is a non-destructive form of testing, all inaccessible and hidden areas in the machinery are checked and monitored without impacting their performance.

Primarily, ultrasonic testing makes use of ultrasonic pulse-waves as a means of detecting bolt tension losses. It also helps to characterize metallic materials to check for defects and and developing cracks.

Consequently, this non-destructive testing determines if there is a need to replace or repair components. If there are safety concerns identified through ultrasonic testing, these can be prevented before it gets out of hand.

As the readings are accurate and dependable, potential failures are mitigated. Hence, this ensures the health, lifespan and performance of critical components in the mining system such as mills, crushers, slewing ring bearings, pipelines, pressure vessels, and so much more.

Ultrasonic bolt stress measurement ensures that all bolts maintain the optimal tension. If there is a need for adjustment based on the test result, then technicians will recommend this to prevent fatigue failure of bolted assemblies.

By adjusting the bolt tension to its highest accuracy level, this ensures the reliability of joints.

What are the Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Testing to Avoid Mining Disaster?

Bolts are essential fasteners in the manufacturing and mining field. They offer indispensable benefits such as convenient disassembly and assembly, avoidance of a change in phase in the attached material composition, as well as the ease of maintenance.

Therefore, an accurate control of the bolt's tightening force is directly linked to the connected structures or equipment's reliability and safety.

While there are several methods for gauging the tightening pressure applied to bolts during the assembly process, there are issues that impact the safety and prevention of fatigue failure in bolted assemblies. These include the poor accuracy in the preload control during tightening, as well as insufficient monitoring to identify the residual axial force. This is where ultrasonic measurement comes in. It helps to address these issues, and make quick simple adjustments preventing future in service breakdowns.

With rigorous standards and regulations required in the mining industry, regular testing of all systems is paramount to its safety and success.

This is why ultrasonic bolt tension testing is a necessity in this industry. It helps to carry out these essential tests with only the least amount of downtime. Furthermore, it prevents any damage to the components being tested as it is a non-destructive testing method.

Overall, ultrasonic testing nips potential hazards and safety risks in the bud. With these problems halted even before they happen, it maintains business productivity and prevents disruption in operations.

How Boltstress Helps Mining Industries with Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Management

Boltstress has over 30 years of professional experience in ultrasonic testing.

To learn more about how Boltstress can help your company, contact us today!

In fact, the company has solved critical failures and hazards in various areas including grinding mills, heat exchangers, valves, and crushers.

Ultrasonic testing remains to be the most accurate and safest non-destructive bolt testing method for machinery and components in the mining industry. By applying this means of testing using our ultrasonic testing products like Boltstress G5 and Boltstress G6, our company has helped numerous clients to prevent breakdowns in their plant systems, minimise downtimes, and maintain productivity that increase profits in the business.

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