Boltstress G5

Improved Reliability

Boltstress G5

A simpler, lighter instrument that has the functions to complete most tasks. It is limited to bolts up to 2.5 metre's in length but how often do you come across anything longer?

  • Standard Features
  • Measurement quantities - Elongation, Load, Stress, Strain and Time.
  • Display Options - RF, Rectified, Large Digits with Limits Bar.
  • Display Resolution - 1/8? VGA 240 x 160 pixels.
  • Stores 8000 readings and waveforms in multiple groups.
  • Built-in Linear regression or vector for optimizing load measurements.
  • The Auto Set feature automatically optimizes detection and adjusts display.
  • Hi/Lo alarm tolerance limits work in conjunction with the data port and external pump shut-off device.


Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Measurement for Operators

We encourage our clients to undertake our product training service in order to get the best results. This stage of the course prepares operators to:

  • Select Appropriate transducers

  • Take measurements

  • Understand the waveforms

  • Use the limits function

  • Store readings

  • Review the findings

Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Measurement for Engineers

In most cases we find that the set up of the system is best carried out away from the workface.

We carry out in depth training of Engineers (or similar Technical staff) in the pre-programming of the required technical data to carry out measurements, this includes:

  • Setting up groups

  • Material selection

  • Bolt geometry

  • Calibration

  • Initial calculations

  • Data range settings

  • Downloading Data

  • Using the interface software

  • Graphing results

Data setup

On larger construction projects there is often a requirement for all bolting data to be set up into a Database for ease of use during operation.

We offer this service combined and carried out at the same time as our on-site training service, this brings benefits to both the constructors and operating company.

  • Set up Data is established and stored into Clients system.

  • Normally during the training phase together with the customer we establish file saving methods, directories & internal back up methodology.

  • Set up Data is backed up to Boltstress Ultrasonics System.

  • All original data is also backed up to our system so that should a major IT failure happen on site or Data simply get lost during the transfer from constructor to operating company we have a full back up copy for restore capacity

  • All original calibration data stored on both Client & Boltstress Systems.

  • All readings stored on both Client & Boltstress Systems.

  • Review and analysis carried out prior to going into full production.

  • FAST Commissioning Team complete final checks prior to going into full production.

  • During the commissioning phase it is often the case that the need to get into full production is paramount. Our on-site team will complete this in record time and will "do it right" for future use.

Avoid using the wrong socket. Download our free Bolt to Nut comparison chart.