Flanged Joint Management is now scalable, super-efficient and 100% accurate using the Verif.I.D. Automated Data Management System.

The system core elements include:

  • Hand Held Units for easy recording of flange data and status at job site and wi-fi uploading to main data base,

  • RFID Tags for localised recording and easy scanning of flange status,

  • Customised Data Base for storing and reporting on client data

With initial plant construction and plant shutdowns and turnarounds critical for reliability and getting larger in scale and scope, there is a real and growing need to effectively and efficiently manage flanged joint data.

Any shutdown with 500+ flanged joints to be managed can benefit significantly from an automated data management system. The benefits include efficiency, reduced labour requirement and enhanced reliability of data. This adds up to significant cost savings of the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 1000 joint shutdown. Ask us how.




The Verif.I.D technology is designed for accuracy, scalability and user friendliness and so is equally at home on a small shutdown with 500 critical flanged joints or on a new plant construction covering 10,000 + flanged joints.

The content of the Verif.I.D automated system will always be tailored to suit the client needs and has many advantages both pre, during and post shutdown or plant build. The key advantages are highlighted following.

Verif.I.D. key advantages prior to a shutdown

  • Precise tooling requirements are provided

  • Flexible system with the unique function of being structured to exactly meet your requirements

  • 3 extra levels of calculation to suit criticality (existing systems offer only 1)

  • Programming flexibility to suit any operating companies specifications

  • Identifies where supplier tooling does not meet client specification

  • Data transfer to and from any existing data

Verif.I.D. key advantages during a shutdown

  • Constant real time status information

  • You know exactly what the status of every bolted joint is at any time

  • Planners receive real time data

  • Emergent work is identified immediately

  • Hand held recorders scan joints for speedy collection of joint data

  • Wi-Fi synchronisation of joint data to and from hand held recorders and main database ensures speed, accuracy and working in real time

  • Can be synchronized to client software package

  • Prevents un-calibrated equipment use

  • Ensure joint assemblers use correct gaskets, nuts & bolts

  • Ensure joint assemblers use correct tooling

  • Ensure joint assemblers use correct pressures

Verif.I.D. key advantages post shutdown

  • Exact duration of all activities is electronically recorded

  • Bottlenecks identified for future obviation

  • All data stored for future use

  • Specific reporting available at the touch of a button

Avoid using the wrong socket. Download our free Bolt to Nut comparison chart.