Liner Bolt Experts Celebrate 10 Years of Liner Bolting Solutions

An issue with your liner bolt means three things:

One, it is only a matter of time before your high strength steel bolts completely lose their functionality.

Two, a disruption to your business operations is imminent.

Three, you can expect a massive impact to your revenue.

Not exactly uplifting scenarios, are they?

Unless you do something about it early, this problem will only spiral downward, negatively impacting your efficiency, production, and your bottom line.

Your Liner Bolting Solutions Yesterday and Today

For the last ten years, our liner bolt specialists have worked with clients in need of diagnostics and solutions for problems with their mill liner bolts. One particular mine experienced an alarming one-a-week liner lifter bolt failure.

Fast forward to today, Boltstress prides itself as being a dependable company with a highly competent maintenance crew that carries out ANY bolt-related works.

Among the tasks our liner bolt specialists can perform include:

  1. Raise a permit
  2. Isolate the mill
  3. Pull the chute
  4. Carry out gas testing
  5. Loosen the bolts
  6. Enter the mill
  7. Remove the lifter
  8. Install a replacement
  9. Re-tighten the new ones
  10. Install the chute
  11. De-isolate
  12. Close the permit and re-start the Mill

And the best part - we can perform all of these tasks within 2 hours!


Yes, but...

This still means 2 to 3 hours of lost production every week. With production at a standstill, your revenue takes a beating.

Our State-of-the-Art Solution to Liner Bolt Problems

Back to our client with a once-a-week liner bolt failure – we knew that just using an extensive array of standard bolt repair and diagnostics wouldn't cut it.

We rolled out our specialised ultrasonic bolt stress monitoring skills & technology to efficiently and effectively eliminate all these failures.

The operators even bet me a carton of beer that we would fail. I never got to taste this and revel in my victory as we were long gone by the time our service was a proven success.

While it may only sound like a small $17,500 per hour production rate, since then we can report zero failures, adding up to an extra $18.2M revenue for this site.

Now we're talking!

So remember, time is money... And time is ticking away quickly when you have a problem with your liner bolts.

Let us work on your issues with liner bolts, and you can sit back with the peace of mind that your precious investment is in good hands.

Find out more by contacting:


Trevor Robinson

+61 411 132 784

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