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We are the only dedicated ultrasonic bolting company globally

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Boltstress G5 Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Tool

Boltstress G5 Ultrasonic bolt tension measurement

Our core business is the measurement of bolt tension, we do this using either our own equipment or the clients

We both ensure that all bolting is tightened to the correct level before going live and then offering on-going re-monitoring to analyse joint performance in service.

Trained Bolt Torque Technician

Specialised technicians

We can measure using any brand of Ultrasonic Monitoring equipment.

Our Technicinas are fully trained in the use of the Boltstress G5, the Dakota Minimax, the Dakota MAX, the Boltscope 1 & 2, the Boltmike 1, 2 ∓ 3. the Norbar USM 1 & 2 and the Raymond Bolt Gauge

Bolt Torque Measurement Professionals

Consulting and training

Having been involved in the bolting industry since 1991 we have a great deal of...

Boltstress Measurements

Ancilliary bolt tightening equipment

Although our focus is on measurement our findings normally lead to corrective...

Specialised Bolt Torque Measure Equipment

Specialised Equipment

Whenever an application can not be solved using standard torque or tensioning...

Optimum Tooling Real Measurements Joint Analysis Higher Availability Improved Procedures

Joint Analysis

We look at the joint geometry, joint conditions, pressures & temperatures; then we determine how to improve performance and propose the optimum solution

Real Measurements

Torque and Tension are estimations that go horribly awry in the wrong conditions. We measure what's really happening and implement corrective actions

Optimum Tooling

26 years experience has provided a wealth of knowledge. In the vast majority we can suggest tooling that is safer, quicker and lighter

Improved Procedures

Many standard bolting procedures are outdated or inaccurate. Using our real measurement results we develop faster, more accurate and safer procedures

Higher Availability

The real 'jewel in the crown', everything we do delivers Higher Availability. Shorter shutdowns & less shutdowns. A very high Return on Investment

Reduced Shutdown Durations

Boltstress Ultrasonics

Preventing bolted joint failure
Specialised Bolting Solutions through
Boltstress Specialised G5 Ultrasonic Bolt Tension

Boltstress G5

A simpler, lighter instrument that has the functions to complete most tasks. It is limited to bolts up to 2.5 metre's in length but how often do you come across anything longer ?

Boltstress G5 Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Measurement Tool

Ultrasonic bolt tension measurement

We supply services & products to measure bolt tension, bolt stress, elongation or strain. This gives insight into true joint performance

Measuring with Boltstress G5 Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Tool

Bolted Joint performance condition monitoring

After using Ultrasonics to ensure original joint integrity our products and services may also be used to monitor ongoing joint performance in service...

Boltstress G6 Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Tool

Boltstress G6

The G5 broke so many boundaries when it set the new benchmark for ultrasonic bolt tension monitoring, it was difficult too envisage where a new product could surpass it...

G5 Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Tool on the job

Specialised tightening systems

Since 1991 Boltstress personnel have been involved in 1000's of applications. This has lead to an in depth knowledge of the many tightening ...

Bolt Torque Professional on the job

Practical experience based consultancy

Our consultancy service uses the combined strengths of our technology and practical experience to recommend solutions.

Recent Articles

We are thrilled to announce that starting April 1st, 2024, Daniel Robinson and Grant Feddersen will be stepping into the roles of directors at Boltstress Ultrasonics. Both Daniel and Grant will be joining Trevor in overseeing our operations and ensuring top-notch services for our esteemed clients worldwide.

Ultrasonic bolt tension testing is a highly accurate method of determining what bolt tension tightening methods are really achieving. Torque figures are at best an estimate and don’t provide any data. Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing also detects any defects in used or new bolts.

Grinding mills, for instance, are massive capital-cost equipment that require proper maintenance to ensure their performance and operation. However, once they halt performing for whatever reason, this leads to significant loss in revenue. The length of time required to get it back on operation can take several hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the severity of damage.

Over time, bolts in many industrial applications loosen because of certain factors such as load and constant vibration. Some companies rely on torque wrenches and bolt tensioners to tighten these bolts and ensure their joint integrity. However, these do not always provide adequate accuracy, nor do they allow for on-going re-monitoring and targeted adjustments.