NDT Course

Our expertise is unique allowing us to provide bolted joint NDT course for Technicians and Engineers in the subjects.

Ultrasonic Bolt Elongation Measurement

With 26 years experience, starting at the very early stages of the development of the technology, our knowledge is without equal. This is imparted in a very practical hand on manner. Each NDT course we provide is specific to your industry and your applications.

Flange Joint Analysis

Our proprietary flange management software, Verify ID, calculates bolt tension, torque, bolt stress, flange stress, gasket seating stresses. As part of any flange joint management contract we provide the NDT course required.

Analysis of Bolted Joint Failure Modes

There are many common bolt failure modes, in our 26 years of specialized bolting we have a knowledge base that allows us to share the causes and solutions that can be applied.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Options

The standard off the shelf, available for hire tooling that satisfy standard ANSI flanges often don't fit or cant generate enough tension to suit OEM equipment joints. We explore alternatives like High Temperature Hydraulic Nuts, Superbolts, Slim-line Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners, Hydraulic Morgrip Bolts, Hydraulic Coupling Bolts and an array of Engineered solutions.

Gasket Selections

Joint reliability can often be improved by implementing different gasketry; we consider the pros and cons of Ring Type, Spiral Would, Kamm Profile, NAF and Metal Jacketed Gaskets. On the NDT course, we also review case studies of specifically engineered designs.

Material Properties

As with most engineering bolt material science continues to create new options. We look at the standard common types and then some of the more exotic requirements when working with aggressive media and extreme temperatures.

Avoid using the wrong socket. Download our free Bolt to Nut comparison chart.