Our unique verifID total bolting software system provides Bolt Stress, Flange Stress, Tightening Torque, Tensioner Pressure and Gasket Seating Stress calculations for Mills, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Slew Ring Bearings, Cylinder Heads, Structural Beams and Turbines.

Case Study: Boltstress G5 avoids delays in Sydney Landmark Demolition


During the demolition of a Sydney landmark special support beams were designed and installed to bolster adjacent walls. One key component were special friction joints that needed to flex but remain sturdy. This required precise bolt tension to work effectively. Boltstress Ultrasonics provided the solution.


Service Provided

Boltstress supplied 1 x Ultrasonic bolt stress monitoring specialist and 1 x Boltstress Ultrasonics G5 bolt-monitoring instrument. Each bolt was tightened manually and measured simultaneously to ensure that the installed pre-load was correct.



Costly delays whilst a suitable method was found were avoided as we mobilised in one day and completed all 10 beams the following day.

Monitoring at Beam 1

Monitoring at Beam 2

Support Beam report

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