Multi Shell Repair Clamp

SRJ Multi Shell Repair Clamp

Shell Walls

  • Segmented housing for covering the pipe to be repaired
  • Housing comprising a minimum of three articulated segments for placement around the damaged pipe
  • Compact folding arrangement to minimise storage requirements


Tensioning Block

  • Connects to the tensioning chains and redistributes the bolts clamping load onto the shell walls


Tensioning Chains

  • Surround the secured segmented housing and clamp the segments and seal around the damaged pipe



  • Unique honeycomb design seal inside the multi-shell structure maximises the sealing properties of the MSRC
  • Polyurethane material as standard due to its temperature range and modulus of elasticity
  • Honeycomb shape allows the polyurethane to disperse the pressure as it penetrates each cell

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