Check Your Bolts to Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Check Your Bolts to Prevent Unplanned Downtime

If you are in the mining or any similar industry relying on large equipment for your business, you need to keep the machinery bolts in check. Whenever your equipment malfunctions, it often has something to do with the bolts. This is why you need to determine what happened - or is about to happen - to the bolts before the issue gets out of hand. Delaying inspections can lead to production delays, safety risks, and lost profit during the period your operations have shut down due to equipment failure.

We understand that knowing the actual bolt tension (not torque as the two are not the same) is not too easy to do. This is why implementing our advanced technology is a very cost effective solution, which is what our ultrasonic tension testing offers. With this technique, it is ultimately possible to measure the bolt tension even when it is difficult to access the bolts.

This technology is a sensible investment as simple repairs or adjustments may be made instead of carrying out major repairs. It also can be used to minimise shutdown durations through quantified procedure improvements. As it exceeds existing standards and regulations, you can rest assured that the technique is 100% effective and reliable to eliminate breakdowns by preventing bolt failure in the future.

Boltstress offers a highly technical, specialised, and efficient service to check the bolts in the most accurate manner. Oftentimes, these may remain unchecked for extended periods. Meanwhile, your critical plant & machinery undergoes on-going operation and you may be unaware of an emerging problem. The more the machinery is ran with incorrect bolt tension, the higher the risk of breakdown.

We make sure that we implement the solution as we inspect the bolts in your machinery to prevent the untimely shutdown linked with broken bolts. With our long years of experience in this field, we can ensure you an efficient detection of the problem to remedy the issue before it is too late.

At Boltstress, you can count on our professional and friendly technicians who can attend to your concerns in a prompt and dependable manner. We utilise cutting edge technology featuring ultrasonic testing that offers an accurate method to check the bolt tension in machinery. With 28 years of our dedicated experience in our field, we are the most experienced specialists you can find. We can detect and solve failures in valves, heat exchangers, grinding mills, crushers, F1 racing engines, sizers, slew ring bearings, crushers, turbines, cranes and structural foundations.

Use A Metric Bolt Chart to Know the Right Socket Size that You Need

Putting together a bolting tool kit is made much easier with a handy metric bolt chart. Keep in mind that it is very crucial to determine the correct socket size, as this will affect the proper fit of the nuts and bolts. Get the wrong size, and it is rendered as useless, not to mention the waste of your time, money, and energy.

Metric Nut Size Chart For Your Bolting Tool Kit

If you are intending to put together your very own bolting tool kit, ensuring the proper nut and bolt size is essential to eliminate any room for error. This is why we can provide you with a metric bolt chart that features bolts ranging from 12 mm or 1/2 inch to as large as 125 mm or 5 inches. This bolt size chart can be yours once you register on our website, and you can receive it in PDF file for your quick and convenient reference.

Register TODAY and receive our FREE metric bolt chart that you can use for your bolting kit and handy reference for your projects. You may also give us a call or contact us via email to schedule an appointment with our highly specialised technicians to check your machinery’s bolts and ensure optimum performance while preventing unscheduled downtime in your business.

Avoid using the wrong socket. Download our free Bolt to Nut comparison chart.