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We are thrilled to announce that starting April 1st, 2024, Daniel Robinson and Grant Feddersen will be stepping into the roles of directors at Boltstress Ultrasonics. Both Daniel and Grant will be joining Trevor in overseeing our operations and ensuring top-notch services for our esteemed clients worldwide.

Ultrasonic bolt tension testing is a highly accurate method of determining what bolt tension tightening methods are really achieving. Torque figures are at best an estimate and don’t provide any data. Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing also detects any defects in used or new bolts.

Grinding mills, for instance, are massive capital-cost equipment that require proper maintenance to ensure their performance and operation. However, once they halt performing for whatever reason, this leads to significant loss in revenue. The length of time required to get it back on operation can take several hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the severity of damage.

Over time, bolts in many industrial applications loosen because of certain factors such as load and constant vibration. Some companies rely on torque wrenches and bolt tensioners to tighten these bolts and ensure their joint integrity. However, these do not always provide adequate accuracy, nor do they allow for on-going re-monitoring and targeted adjustments.

Boltstress Ultrasonics worked with a large mining company situated in Port Hedland, in Western Australia to ensure the integrity of machines used in heavy-duty tasks. This includes a highly-automated, out-loading circuit, responsible for processing iron ores that are ready for transportation.

Unscheduled downtimes spell out major problems in the mining industry.

With customers expecting to get their deliveries on time, a major shutdown - and an unexpected one, at that - means trouble. It does not only impact their customers but also the company's bottom line.

Shut downs result in time blow outs, productivity losses, and a sharp reduction in profit.

How can ultrasonic tension measurement technology help improve the lifespan of bolts, as well as enhance the tensioning accuracy?

For industries that rely on a highly automated out-loading circuit, for instance, one key component is the bucket wheel reclaimer. In fact, a Port Hedland-based major mining company has seen the importance of keeping this piece of equipment well-maintained to ensure proper operations.

Sophisticated preventative measures to fix problems with bolt tension and integrity

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