SRJ Coupling

SRJ Coupling

FS Casing Seal

  • Seals the internal pressure in the pipe
  • Viton and HNBR material as standard
  • Suitable for a range of pipe media
  • Energised during installation
  • Built-in anti-extrusion springs


Counter Wound Helical Retaining Wire

  • Holds the coupling in place
  • Resists shear and compression loading of the pipe
  • Flexibility for ease of installation
  • Threaded termination assists insertion and extraction
  • Ports plugged with grease nipples to prevent ingress


Pipe Groove

  • Retains the wire within the pipe
  • Located between sealing systems to protect against contact media
  • Groove depth is always above the minimum allowable wall thickness


Coupling Body

  • Houses inner components and reinforces the radial strength of the pipe
  • Designed to ASME B31.3 and the pipelines mechanical specification
  • Material chosen in accordance with pipe spec


Environmental Seal

  • Prevents ingress of external impurities
  • Protects retaining wires by blocking access to the internal bore of the coupling
  • Polyurethane material


Machined Pipe End

  • Surface finish allows for high quality seal
  • End bevel for ease of insertion

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