SRJ Products

Innovative Asset Integrity Solutions for Temporary and Permanent Repair

SRJ Technologies' range of products and services including weld-free products for pipe repair and replacement offer both permanent or temporary solutions that are safer, faster and cost effective.

We offer a range of Asset Integrity solutions including Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS), and we continue to evolve through innovation technology developments. Our digital coupling, capable of monitoring process flow parameters, is a prime example of this.

  • Hotwork free, bolt free

  • Reduces maintenance backlog

  • 21 hours* in savings in operational up time

  • Extends operational asset life (helps ageing assets)

  • High pressure performance, no loss of containment

  • 58% weight saving relative to comparable weld neck flanges

  • Eliminates the need for welding personnel, habitat & NDT inspection

  • Designed in accordance with NACE and ASME BS31.3

  • EPRS solution optimises 360° clamping and sealing pressure

*4" SRJ Coupling Sch 40 Class vs 900 Class Flange (A105n)

Avoid using the wrong socket. Download our free Bolt to Nut comparison chart.