Boltstress & Norbar Drive Greater Uptime

In order to drive shorter shutdowns and higher reliability of bolted joints, two major forces in bolted joint integrity launched a combined on-site service to industry on January 1st 2014. Using the fastest, lightest and most reliable torque tools together with the highest level of accuracy has improved equipment availability. Norbar Torque Tools Pty. Ltd. and Boltstress Ultrasonics Pty. Ltd. united their strengths as Norbar Technical Services.

This unique partnership combines the experience and technologies of both companies.

Boltstress Ultrasonics has almost a quarter of a century field experience in ultrasonic bolt tension measurement. We often consult with engineers to eliminate bolted joint failure and implementing improvements of bolted joints utilising all methods of bolt tightening.

Norbar, with over 70 years of experience, is the market leader in the field of Bolt Torque Tooling. The range of equipment is without equal, from small hand held torque wrench tools up to very high capacity hydraulic bolt torque wrenches.

Norbar Torque Tools provides quality torque wrenches, hydraulic tensioning tools, complete repair and calibration facilities, and a Nata accredited lab, and now adds to their offering on-site technical services.

In recent years, Boltstress have been particularly active in the mining industry, having completed the structural bolting of 16 of the world's largest mills. In addition to this, another 12 mills have been constructed by people trained by Boltstress.

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Boltstress Ultrasonics

Preventing bolted joint failure

Specialised Bolting Solutions through:

Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Measurement

We supply services & products to measure bolt tension, bolt stress, elongation or strain. This gives insight into true joint performance and aids solution determination by using real (not assumed) data.

Specialised Tightening Systems

Since 1991 Boltstress personnel have been involved in 1000's of applications. This has lead to an in depth knowledge of the many tightening methods and specialised tool design to solve problems. Consequently we can often offer methods and technologies unknown to many Engineers.

Bolted Joint Performance Condition Monitoring

After using Ultrasonics to ensure original joint integrity our products and services may also be used to monitor on going joint performance in service without disturbing the joint.

Practical Experience Based Consultancy

Our consultancy service uses the combined strengths of our technology and practical experience to recommend solutions.